A sneaker brand founded in Paris in 2018 by designer Océanne Castanet.
Inspired by the traditional crochet shoes “Givet” that I met in Iran while traveling, I created a different style of embroidery and crochet. Combining traditional techniques with creativity and rubber soles, it is characterized by a fusion of comfort and creativity.
The base cotton crochet and wool embroidery are handcrafted by women in India and around the world.



“Shoes and women. I want to create a meaningful shoe brand by combining these two. I want to tell a story with shoes.

This is the starting point of the brand "Amrose".

Handcrafted by women in India and around the world for women's empowerment, economic and social independence.

  • スニーカー Rainbow monster

    ¥33,000 (税込)

  • スニーカー Flowery pop garden

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    Cotton for the crochet part, French or Italian yarn for the embroidery part are Oeko-Tex certified materials, and the sole is made of recycled rubber.

    Initially blank, the sneaker is like a canvas on which colorful embroidery tells the story of the energetic designer's journey, childhood and emotions.

  • スニーカー Poetic Flowers A

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  • スニーカー Poetic lake

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