Casual line brand of DUREN.

"U" is you.
Street fashion,
sports, double gender.

more active than the first line,
Not bound by preconceived notions,
We propose works aimed at a wider range of people.



A picture drawn by a child at a charity planning event
I dropped it into the shape of DUREN's classic bread bag.
Part of the sales will be donated to French medical organization FRM.
Challenge yourself to new things even during the period of self-restraint from Corona.

  • Bread bag S Kids drawing Andre

    ¥10,780 (税込)

  • Bread bag S Kids drawing Amelie

    ¥10,780 (税込)

  • Goods


    It is a casual line of DUREN, a bag brand, but it handles various items not limited to bags.
    Manicures, patches, postcards...
    It is a brand of free manufacturing.

  • Masking Tape HIGEUSAGI

    ¥429 (税込)

  • HIGEUSAGI(Mustache rabbit)

    ¥2,090 (税込)