A men's bag brand made in Japan with the concept of "inner sex appeal".

Using the original shape-memory material "crinkle leather", which is made by crimping ultra-thin cowhide and aluminum foil.
After launching in the fall/winter season of 2013,
Continued to participate in exhibitions in Italy and France.

Received design awards in Japan, Italy and Germany.
Collaborations with European and American designers and artists are also highly evaluated.


A hand holding the bag tightly.
I feel it from each and every masculine gesture that is handled both politely and messily.

"Inner sex appeal" is captured and expressed from various angles.

  • 2way Backpack

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  • Bread Bag

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    Crinkle Leather

    A brand that mainly uses an original shape-memory material that is made by crimping ultra-thin cowhide and aluminum foil.
    The material is interesting because it can be shaped freely and the smooth texture that changes over time contrasts.

  • Tote Bag D

    ¥79,200 (税込)

  • Tote Bag A

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    In 2022, with Naoko Tosa, a new media artist.
    Through collaboration with artists both in Japan and overseas, we will sublimate to new designs.

  • Boston Bag

    ¥149,380 (税込)

  • Clutch Bag

    ¥69,300 (税込)

    COLLABORATION / Nicolas Oushenir